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Posted 6-4-2020

Estimates and estimates:

We have just published on the Access Testing Website the document with designation of headquarters and affiliation of centers to them. The document contains a small explanatory introduction to the step from 9 to 25 sites with a summary table, two observations that are of great importance on the next page and then the lists of centers that are attached to each of them.

We regret not having been able to publish it before, keep in mind that this is like setting up three EBAUs in one month instead of one in three months. In 1-2 days the evaluating members will receive their notification of assignment to the headquarters to which they are assigned and between this week and the next we will finalize the reinforcement of specialists to attend a specific exam and vigilantes to cover the needs of attending a number of classrooms that has exploded.

General Coordination of Access Tests




Posted 5-20-2020

The Organizing Committee of the EBAU has published the following press release in which information is given on how the test will be carried out as well as on the creation of new venues to carry it out.



Posted 4-3-2020

The EBAU will be held on July 6 and 7 in the Region, according to the newspaper La Verdad.

Posted 3-25-2020

  • The EBAU will be held between June 22 and July 10 in ordinary call and before September 10 in extraordinary, as approved by the Education Sector Conference
    The exam model will adjust to the exceptional nature of the current state of alarm so as not to harm the students
    It has also been approved to make the Professional Training practices more flexible and to suspend the diagnostic evaluation tests of the 3rd and 6th grades of primary and 4th of ESO



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Posted 3-20-2020

According to the newspaper La Verdad, the EBAU will not start before June 24 and the play-off will be delayed until September. We attach the link.

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Posted 3-18-2020


After the meeting held on Tuesday, March 17 between the Ministry and the Autonomous Communities, with the technical advice of the universities, there is common agreement on three issues:

1. The EBAU are going to be held with absolute security and, therefore, there is no possibility of losing course;
2. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is going to force to change the dates of the tests;
3. The measures that are adopted will not cause negative effects on the rights of the students of 2nd Baccalaureate or Vocational Training with expectations of access to the University.
Currently, the Ministry is analyzing the proposals of the CC. AA to establish a common framework that allows, at least, to modify the dates. It is still unknown whether the possibility of curricular adaptation as a consequence of the suspension of face-to-face teaching will be considered. In any case, the decisions to be taken will require a high level of coordination that guarantees legal certainty and equal opportunities. The University of Murcia, as coordinator of such tests, has already prepared for the different scenarios, which we will activate almost immediately as soon as the Ministry establishes the general framework for action.

The advice that we transmit to the students is to focus on preparing the test and follow all the information that we will be communicating, as soon as possible, through the official channels (test website, / vic-studies / content / access, social networks of the University of Murcia and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena) as well as direct communication with center directors.

To all the families and the teaching community, meanwhile, we have to understand them in their concern, support them in their efforts and calm them down in moments that are not easy for anyone.

In relation to the SENIOR Tests, as soon as the measures that can be adopted regarding the EBAU are clarified, the official channels will be informed and the adult centers will be informed of the changes, assuming that these dates will also be modified. 


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